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Prof. Vitiello's Production of "Too Jewish"
Admitted Student Day Recruiter (You remember me!)
Mustache March
Diversity Committee
Mock Trial Team
Mock Trial 1L Competition Judge
Crim Law Society
Sports & Activities Committee
and more that just won't fit here...

What have I done for McGeorge since 1L?

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No Drama
No Schmoozing
No Free Stuff
Just Plain Merits



I’m battle tested and proven to be good for you and the school. You’ve given me the privilege of serving you as the 1D rep for our Spring semester and as your Day Vice President. I’ve worked hard for you, I’ve represented your interests, and I’ve never failed at my duties. Don’t take it from me, ask anyone who knows me, ask your Deans, and talk to anyone who has ever come to me for help. Nobody can say I’ve ever failed to do my job or represent your interests, and that includes the interests of the evening students. Nobody can ever say I’m unreasonable in times of disagreement. I’ve proven I can handle objective representation, and I’m running for SBA President so that I can contribute to making sure our entire SBA board does the very best we can to represent you.


With substantial experience in negotiations and customer relations at the Corporate and Public levels, I come to SBA ready to tackle any challenges that come my way. I’ve run my own businesses, I’ve sat in on corporate board meetings, I’ve helped negotiate contracts with Fortune 500 companies. I believe I’m the most qualified candidate for this position. This isn’t a popularity contest, it’s a campaign. I run on my merits, nothing more and certainly nothing less.


Let me be the first in this campaign to promise not to take the $2,000 presidential stipend. I think that money can be better spent on giving you a return on your investment here at McGeorge. I’ve also donated $60 out of my $75 campaign budget to the Wounded Warrior Project. I also promise not to schmooze people or buy your votes with sweet treats and worthless trinkets. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t believe in participation trophies. I believe in democracy, not popularity contests. That means I believe in you, and I will settle for nothing less than being genuine and wholehearted. I don’t want to earn your vote on anything other than the merits.

Why hire Shoeb?

You don’t want somebody who lacks the experience and knowledge necessary to run an organization. You don’t want a party planner, you don’t want someone who takes sides, and you certainly don’t want someone who buys your vote. You want someone who brings serious communication abilities, legitimate governance experience, and true love for McGeorge. Someone who can earn your vote, who can rebirth a school spirit, and who knows how to deliver effective communication in a way that doesn’t spam up your inbox.

But I don’t just offer you experience in upper level corporate management, and I don’t just offer you my loyalty and dedication.  I offer you nearly 2 full years of experience in SBA, more than any other candidate running for any other position. I’ve been there, I’ve seen the best and the worst, and I’ve fought long and hard for the students of this school. Nobody brings my level of experience to this election, be it on or off campus. The merits speak for themselves.

I work hard, and I have a set of skills that facilitate success and efficiency. At the same time I’m no stranger to the student body. Chances are you know me or have at least run into me. I recruited a lot of our current 1Ls in our admitted student days, I created graphics for many of your clubs, I’ve contributed to making our SBA blog more productive, and I’ve had one-on-one experience with many of you with issues that range from personal to general complaints about the administration, your professors, or SBA itself. I’ve never had a problem voicing our disagreements with anyone, and I helped lay a strong line of support for many new initiatives such as the 1L mixer and granting funds to each of our Class Representatives. I’m the guy you want working for you. Because I know how to save time, save money, and do things right.

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That something extra

I’m a perfectionist at heart, but I bring love into everything I do. The President of SBA is NOT a voting position, and as such has much more to do with running an efficient board than voting for positions or taking sides. The President resolves disputes, maintains each voting member’s voice, and DOES NOT take sides. The President does not set budget and does not plan parties. I’ve been here since the old SBA days with the old SBA bylaws. I contributed to the drafting of the new ones, and I know quite well how much energy and effort this position entails. I live for it. I’m not shy of all nighters, and I’m always hungry for more. I love what I do. I love representing the school. I have never failed in my duties on SBA. As 1L rep and as Day VP, I always come through for you, and I have no problem voicing the unpopular opinions.

0 + Cups of Coffee

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0 + Hours On Campus

Per Day

0 Unexcused Absences

That's Professionalism

0 % Effort Exerted

Every Single Day


One of my focuses will be on efficiency. Making things happen for you and your clubs faster.


Let's get right to it. Communication between students and the school is not good. I can and will fix it.


I believe everything starts with love. If we don't have this, we don't have anything at all.

Evening Students

I will not leave your voice unheard. Evening students are quite possibly the most under-represented body at our school, and I will make it a point to make sure that you, as an evening student at McGeorge, have channels of communication that lead directly to me. You deserve to be heard, you deserve to participate on campus, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of the amazing community McGeorge offers. At the end of the day (literally) you don’t care how hard I work if I’m not the kind of person you can work with. That’s why I encourage you to meet me and learn for yourself why I’m the guy you’re looking for. I’m here for you!


I’m reachable. Not two phone calls a text and two hours later later reachable. I mean actually reachable and responsive. You can approach me anytime, I live on campus. Or contact me via email, phone, text, telegram, or horse and buggy, and I will respond immediately. That’s a guarantee.


From working in corporate sectors to running my own business and handling fortune clients, you can trust that I’m careful. I’m diligent and I’m extremely well organized. OCD much? Yeah maybe, but that’s alright when I’m the only one with a copy of that form that you totally forgot until this morning… Yeah, we all forget a thing or two. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

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“I am not encumbered by convention and I am not intimidated by ticking people off. I will always do what is right for the students at our school.”

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