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J.D. (2016) University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law
Mock Trial Traveling Competition Team (Buffalo, NY)
S.B.A. Day Vice President


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Graphic Designer/Web Developer
Motocross Racer
Licensed REALTOR®
Published Author
24 Years Old



Passion for the law was engineered into me by design. I’m one of those guys who always knew he wanted to be a litigator, and my love for this country and its legal system has led me to pursue this goal. I don’t complain, I don’t give up, and I love to do the work. This means I’m motivated by results… not by money.

Combat Ready

With substantial experience in sales and customer relations at the Corporate and Public leves, I come to the workplace ready to tackle (or learn how to tackle) any challenges that you can throw at me. I live for the pressure, the stress, and the sleepless nights.

Tech Savvy

Lawyering is going digital, and the need for tech savvy people like me is greater now than ever. It’s the truth. I’m an expert in multi-platform computing which makes your life, and your client’s life a whole lot easier. How so? By maximizing the use of time, minimizing the use of money, and eliminating headaches all around. That translates to saving money.

Why hire me?

You don’t want just another law student, you want someone valuable enough to keep around. Someone who can win a trial, who can create trial materials that improve overall professionalism and deliver information to juries with stunning visual appeal.

I don’t just offer you experience doing legal research, and I don’t just offer you my loyalty and dedication.  I offer you real world experience in communications management coupled with neuro-programming and visual expertise. The type of skill set that helps the entire team win.

I don’t just work hard, I also bring a lot of valuable technical experience to the table. The kinds of expertise that facilitate success and bring in business. I have a keen eye for detail and a very strong sense of social relationships. All these factors make me the person you want working for you.

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That something extra

I’m a perfectionist at heart. I’m not afraid to admit that some of my best work has been done under tremendous time constraints, and under intense amounts of pressure. But I live for that. I’m not shy of all nighters, and I’m always hungry for more.

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0 + Cups of Coffee

Per Day

0 + Hours in Library

Per Week

0 Unexcused Absences

That's Professionalism

0 % Effort Exerted

Every Single Day

Lightning Fast

I work fast because I understand the value of time. Your time as well as mine.


I'm constantly improvising and adapting. Even if you caught me off guard, you'd never know it.


That means competent enough to under-promise, and confident enough to over-deliver.


I’m reachable. Not two phone calls a text and two hours later later reachable. I mean actually reachable and responsive. You can contact me via email, phone, text, telegram, or horse and buggy, and I will respond immediately. That’s a guarantee.

Full of Love

There’s no other way to describe my ethic but by saying I’m full of love. At the end of the day you don’t care how hard I work if I’m not the kind of person you can work with. That’s why I encourage you to meet me and learn for yourself why I’m the individual you’re looking for.


From working in corporate sectors to running my own business and handling fortune clients, you can trust that I’m careful. I’m diligent and I’m extremely well organized. OCD much? Yeah maybe, but that’s alright when I’m the only one with a copy of that form that you totally forgot until this morning… Yeah, saving lives is kind of my thing.

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“I am not encumbered by convention and I am not intimidated by ticking people off.” – Shoeb Mohammed

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